Camp & School Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand our Summer Camps and Schools we have answered the most frequently asked questions from parents and players below.

1. What time is arrival and pick up?

Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the first session so we can register everyone quickly and get everyone playing as soon as possible. On future days please arrive 10 minutes prior. Players will be back in the pick-up area by the scheduled end of day. Please make sure that your child signs out with his or her coach before leaving. This is a very important safety consideration for us.

2. What should my child wear?

All players should wear shorts, tee shirt, sneakers or cleats. All players must wear shin guards. Sneakers are fine for children ages 3-6 but children above 7 years old are encouraged to wear cleats. Children will receive a U.K. Elite Tee Shirt which we encourage them to wear during the week.

3. What should my child bring?

Lots of energy! Our camps are very active and we encourage maximum participation. Players should bring a ball with them each day. Please bring a small healthy mid morning snack and drinks or water bottle which can be refilled from our coolers. At full day programs players should also bring a packed lunch. Sunscreen protection and a spare tee shirt in case of bad weather are recommended. Additional U.K. Elite products and merchandise can be purchased at (click Soccer Shop).

4. Is there anything I can bring?

We really welcome volunteers to bring ice for our coolers. Our campers and staff will be extremely grateful. Due to the time and distance our staff travel it is not always feasible for them to bring ice every day. Any help is much appreciated!

5. Can I stay to watch my child play?

We strongly encourage parents to stay and watch as often as they like. We truly want parents to see first-hand the professionalism of our staff and the excellent work they do with our campers. We particularly encourage parents to come to our FAMILY DAY on the last day of camp, for the last hour or so. It’s a great way to wrap up the week, seeing what your child has learned and interacting with our staff for feedback, photos etc.

6. How are children 'grouped'?

By age and ability, assuming they are not part of a team. We challenge and stimulate each player and continually evaluate the groups to ensure everyone is correctly placed. Please speak to your coordinator if you have any questions about camp grouping.

7. What will my child receive?

The very best soccer education! We will improve each player that attends our camps, regardless of age, ability or experience. Players at most camps will receive a tee-shirt and written performance evaluation (please check specific details on the camp registration page).

8. Are there bathroom facilities?

Yes, either permanent or portable.

9. Do the children take breaks?

Absolutely! The weather will be hot and our coaches insist on taking frequent water breaks (as well as a short snack break and lunch when appropriate). Again we take safety very seriously and it is important players rest and rehydrate.

10. Are the children supervised at all times?

Yes. The safety and well being of your child is our number one priority. On and off the field the players are under the constant direction of our coaches. We also ask for emergency contact numbers for all parents as part of the registration process. We insist that all players are picked up promptly at the end of camp as our coaches often need to travel to another session and need to set off on time.

11. How will I know how my child is doing at camp?

Ask! Our coaches are great people as well as great teachers. Get to know them. They enjoy discussing the development of the children prior to or after camp. You will also receive a written performance evaluation at the end of the week.

12. What happens if it rains?

We play and get wet! Rain is actually welcome during summer camp by both players and coaches as it cools everyone down. Only if the weather is particularly bad or severe do we stop playing. The camp director is familiar with these scenarios and the facility and will make decisions as needed. Always travel to the site for the beginning of camp. We will make a bad weather call at each individual site.

13. What happens if time is lost due to bad weather?

We make every attempt to make up time lost during the week by extending the camp day or starting earlier each day. It is rare we lose a significant amount of time. We do not issue refunds for time lost.

14. What is U.K. Elite’s cancellation policy for Summer Camps after payment has been made?

For complete details go to our Camp Cancellation Policy.

15. Can I give feedback on my child’s camp experience?

Absolutely! We have earned our reputation in part by listening to constructive feedback. We encourage online feedback via our Summer Survey and Quiz. By providing feedback you will automatically be entered into our online camp draw for a lifetime scholarship.

16. How do I find out about other camps this summer?

We offer hundreds of summer programs throughout the US. Visit and use our "Find Program" feature to find camps and programs in your area.

17. Does U.K. Elite Soccer offer a longer, more intensive program?

Yes we do. It may not be too late to register for the "Ultimate Soccer Experience" at one of our Residential Camps. We offer serious training for serious players at locations throughout the US. View our Residential Camp Schedule.

18. Does U.K. Elite Soccer provide programs outside of the Summer?

Yes - we offer Spring, Fall and Winter programs in hundreds of towns. For the latest schedules visit or call our main office at 973 631 9802.