U.K. Elite Soccer Residential Camp Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time do we check in on Sunday?

  • Check in time is between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on Sunday.

  • Residential campers please try to arrive closer to 1.30pm. This will give you the opportunity to drop your belongings in your room and prepare for your first session.

  • Extended day campers please wait until closer to 2.15pm as your check-in is a much simpler process.

  • Please do not arrive prior to 1.30pm as all our staff will be busy making final site preparations and no-one will be available to assist you.

  • All campers should have lunch before coming to camp. The first meal of the day on Sunday will be dinner at approximately 5pm.

  • The opening soccer session will begin at approximately 3.00pm after the coordinator's opening speech.

2. What is the late arrival policy?

  • If you are unable to check in between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on Sunday, please contact our main office (973) 631 9802. We need to know your expected arrival time, so we can notify our coordinator of your expected arrival time and inform you where you need to head to on your arrival on campus.

3. How do I choose my room-mates?

  • The Residential Camp Information Pack (http://www.ukelite.com/downloads/ResiInfo.pdf) contains instructions for selecting your room-mate.
  • Please confirm with the person you intend to room with prior to sending in your request. It is important you send in corresponding requests!
  • Most facilities have rooms suitable for two people. Some have larger rooms which may accommodate groups of 3 or 4 but whether these dorms will be allocated to boys or girls will only be determined much nearer the time of camp, when we assess the final numbers on camp and the facility have confirmed our final dormitory allocation. Therefore please select only one room-mate.
  • All players coming with their team should submit their requests to the person who is handling their team registrations (or another parent) to look over before sending in. This will eliminate anyone being left out, or being chosen more than once.
  • Every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure players from teams will be housed next door, across the hallway, or on the same floor of the same dorm.
  • If there is an odd number coming in your group, then it may be possible to move beds around at some sites, to ensure that all parents/players are comfortable with the dorm arrangements. At other sites due to the size of the rooms and the fixed nature of the bed frames, we can only move the mattresses. This may only be possible to do on the day of the camp, once the coordinator/parents can actually see the size of the room.
  • We understand the importance of getting the rooming allocation right and we appreciate your patience and co-operation on the opening day, while we do our best to re-arrange facilities to try to accommodate everyone's needs. We guarantee that by the end of the day we will have every camper situated to everyone's satisfaction.
  • Last minute sign ups / late requests will be organized on the day by the camp director.

4. What should we bring to camp?

  • Bed linens and pillow(s) for standard twin bed.
  • Toiletries, sandals, and towel(s).
  • Soccer equipment: cleats, sneakers, shin-guards, plenty of t-shirts, shorts, socks, & water bottle.
  • Goalkeepers should bring gloves and goalkeeper shirts.
  • Writing implements: pens, pencils.
  • You may wish to bring a fan (see Q8).
  • A drinking vessel from which they can fill up from.
  • Some campers will need to bring a bathing suit (see Q9).
  • Please DO NOT bring valuable items. U.K. Elite is not responsible for the loss of any personal items during camp.

5. What are the supervision arrangements in the dorms?

  • U.K. Elite coaches/counselors have rooms housed on every floor of every dorm. Their rooms have signs on them, so that if any player should need them, at any time, then they know where to find them.

  • Boys and girls are in separate dorms and it will be male coaches/counselors in the boy's dorms and female coaches/counselors in the girl's.

  • In addition to our staff, certain schools also have their own security on campus, 24hrs a day.

6. How can my child contact me/I contact my child throughout the week.

  • In recent years most of our campers bring cell phones, however, at some sites the reception is not the best. The Camp Director will give his/her cell number to all parents at check in so if you haven't heard from your child (which is quite common) then don't hesitate to contact the Camp Director.

7. Are there any medical facilities on site?

  • All of our staff have a working knowledge of first aid and how to treat basic sporting injuries.
  • In addition we will have a Certified Health Director/ Athletic Trainer present on every week, at every site.

8. Do the dorms have air conditioning?

  • Please refer to the facilities page for specific site information.

  • For all sites without AC we recommend bringing a fan (desktop, clip over the bed or free standing).

  • Please DO NOT bring your own window unit as the schools make room checks and will remove it.

  • Certain areas, i.e. common areas, dining facilities, at certain locations may also have air conditioning.

9. Does the facility have a swimming pool?

  • Please refer to the facilities page for specific site information.
  • There are fully qualified lifeguards at all pools and our staff (many of whom have similar qualifications) take advantage of the pool time, which also adds to the supervision.

10. What if my child has special dietary requirements?

  • Some sites offer self-service buffet style meals, whereas at others the entrĂ©e at each meal is served to the players but there are stations at every meal to which the players can go back and help themselves e.g. salad bar, fruit, drinks and bagels/cereals etc. at breakfast.
  • There are vegetarian options on offer at all meals, at every site.
  • We assume that our campers are aware of any other dietary concerns and know what they can or cannot eat. However if you have any further questions, then please feel free to call our office.
  • While at Camp, the kitchen staff/cooks are used to dealing with school groups, so if your child has any questions, then they should simply ask. If they are particularly shy about approaching the kitchen staff they should ask our staff who will have no problem doing so for them.
  • Our staff members are seated with the campers for all meals so that they can monitor the players eating habits/intake.
  • Iced water will be available at the fields for all sessions (but bring your own water bottle). Players may also bring sports drinks.
  • If you do want to send your child with snacks and drinks for the evenings, after the final scrimmages, then we would encourage you to only leave healthy ones.

11. What do I do with my child's medications?

  • If you wish to leave any medications with our health director to hold and administer, then please fill out the relevant form when checking in. All medications need to be in their original containers with the prescription on the label. This is at your discretion.

12. Are the parents allowed to come and watch during the week?

  • Absolutely! We love to have parents come and see first-hand the tremendous learning environment we provide for our campers.
  • We welcome you to come at any time, although through experience we recommend that the best time to do so is between 6-8pm, during the evening scrimmages.
  • In addition, if all parents come at this time it can generate a great atmosphere on a beautiful summer evening. It is also a great excuse for parents to check-in on the kids!!
  • Occasionally we are able to invite teams in to play against our campers in the evenings. If your club travel team would be interested in sampling "The Ultimate Soccer Experience" contact Kat Calder at 973-610-3912.

13. How much money should my child bring for the week?

  • Very little money will be needed. Approximately $20 should be plenty, in small bills please!
  • All monies can be left in the UKE Bank which will be closely monitored by one of our staff.
  • Other than that, the only way to spend any money is to purchase items from a vending machines at the sites, or if the camp coordinator decides to have pizza night.
  • Please DO NOT bring valuable items. U.K. Elite is not responsible for the loss of any personal items during camp.

14. Where do I find directions to the site?

  • Directions for all sites, from a variety of locations, are on our website, and will also be contained in a final confirmation email you will receive approximately one week prior to camp.
  • To get directions now go to the Residential Schedule (http://www.ukelite.com/products/residential-camps/?tab=)

15. What time do we pick up on Thursday?

  • The final field session finishes at 4.00pm on Thursday. Camp wrap up and pick up will immediately follow. Most parents usually come to watch the final session.

16. Will I receive any further information prior to camp?

  • Approximately one week prior to camp, you will receive an email from your camp coordinator outlining all final information and procedures for your arrival on campus and check in.

17. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

  • Please call U.K. Elite HQ in New Jersey on 973 631 9802 and our administrative staff will be able to answer your questions or put you through to a specific Camp Director.