U.K. Petite Soccer Camps and Programs

For many parents, U.K. Petite Soccer is their first experience of organized activity for their child. With that in mind we have tried to anticipate some of the more commonly asked questions below.

1. What exactly is a U.K. Petite Soccer Camp or Program?

For more information about the nature of the U.K. Petite Camps and Programs go to About U.K. Petite (http://www.ukpetite.com/about.aspx)

2. What will my child learn at a U.K. Petite Soccer Camp or Program?

The number one priority at all our camps and programs is that players have a great time learning about soccer and developing their social and physical skills in a safe, nurturing environment. Specific age appropriate curricula have been designed for all programs with the goal of achieving both common, and age specific Learning Outcomes (http://www.ukpetite.com/downloads/LearningOutcomes.pdf).

3. What time should I arrive for a camp or program?

We ask that you arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the first session so that we can register everyone quickly and efficiently and get all the children playing and having fun as soon as possible. For all future weeks please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior.

4. What equipment does my child need?

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for indoor or outdoor play according to the season and facility. For outdoor play children can wear sneakers or cleats. All players must wear shin guards for all sessions.

5. Do I need to bring drinks and snacks?

Players should always bring plenty to drink. Our coaches will take frequent breaks for children to rest and re-hydrate. Due to the short nature of the camps and programs it is at your discretion whether to pack snacks. Children will have time to eat small healthy snacks during water breaks.

6. What do I do in the case of inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather a program may be cancelled. All cancellations will be posted on our website at http://www.ukpetite.com/cancellations.aspx Please note: Due to the geographical reach of our programs and timing of cancellations occasionally the online list may not be complete. If in doubt please travel to the field and a decision will be made at that specific location.

7. Can parents participate in the camps and programs?

Parents are encourage to attend all session to support their child and also assist our coaches in the event that their child is having any problems. Parents may actively participate in the programs for our youngest players if it is necessary or beneficial.

8. How do I give feedback about the coaches and the program?

Please visit our website and fill out the Online Questionnaire (http://www.ukelite.com/survey/petite_survey.jsp). Your suggestions will be used to actively improve our camps and programs.

9. How can I help to spread the word about U.K. Petite?

At U.K. Petite we are constantly looking for parents to act as liaisons for our programs in their local community. Benefits of being a liaison can include early notification of camps and programs in your area and discounted prices for helping us attract additional players. If you are interested in becoming a U.K. Petite Liaison please contact liaisons@ukpetite.com

10. How can I facilitate a U.K. Petite Program closer to my home?

We appreciate that for many parents it may be more convenient to have a U.K. Petite program in their own town rather than travelling to neighboring towns. We are always open to the option of providing additional programs if we are confident there will be support for it in the community. To suggest a town or facility please email liaisons@ukpetite.com