Employment Opportunities with U.K. Elite Soccer

Thank you for your interest in employment with U.K. Elite Soccer. With over 18 years of experience of providing the very best in Soccer Education for young players we truly believe there is no better company to work for in the US. If you are highly motivated, prepared to work hard to provide a great experience for our players and are committed to improving yourself as a coach then U.K. Elite Soccer will be a great fit for you.

Before committing to a position with U.K. Elite we appreciate that you probably have questions about the application process and what you can expect if you are hired.

At all our interview sites we make a comprehensive presentation covering many aspects of U.K. Elite Soccer specifically and working in the US in general. We will also present each candidate with a job description.

In the meantime we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to cover some of the most common questions.

1. What coaching qualifications do I need to work for U.K. Elite Soccer?

All of our coaches must have at least a basic coaching qualification from their respective football or soccer association (FA, SFA, FAI, UEFA, NSCAA, USSF, etc). However we place as much emphasis on relevant experience as we do on the physical coaching awards.

We hire coaches with a variety of qualifications due to the varied nature of the children we coach and their level of play. Higher levels of qualifications certainly help your application but we also need coaches with basic qualifications to work with our younger children and beginners.

The best indication we have of how suitable any candidate would be for one of our positions is how they come across at interview, both in their short coaching session and also during their spoken interview.

2. What type of contracts are available with UK Elite Soccer?

Seasonal (Spring / Summer / Fall)
This type of contract is ideal for career coaches; recent graduates; teachers looking for a working sabbatical; & people simply looking for a possible career change. Improve your coaching ability over an extended period doing something you love. We encourage coaches to return for a second or third seasonal contract. We guarantee we will develop you as a coach through our orientations, ongoing professional development program and extensive practical interaction with both players and teams. Progression to full time positions is based on performance during seasonal contract periods.

This is a great opportunity for students to spend a summer working in the sport you love. Gain fantastic experience and develop your coaching skills through our extensive orientation and professional development program. Use this as a perfect springboard into a longer term position with U.K. Elite Soccer.
It is also ideal for coaches already in full time employment (coaching or otherwise) who are looking to enhance their coaching resume by coaching in another country or environment and without giving up the security of their current job.

Summer / Fall
This may be the perfect graduate opportunity - join us for the summer and autumn. Enjoy the summer camp experience plus the variety of a fall season with youth teams and individuals. As with the above seasonal contract, we guarantee we will develop you as a coach through our orientations, ongoing professional development program and extensive practical interaction with both players and coaches. Suitability for full time positions is based on performance over our seasonal contract periods.
It is also suitable for someone on an extended break from their job, or who see this as a possible change of career, without committing to a longer seasonal contract.

Full Time Positions
The cast majority of our current management team began their careers with UK Elite on summer or seasonal contracts! Full time employment opportunities are available with UK Elite Soccer based on company needs and staff performance basis. It is important to experience a coaching position with UK Elite before being considered for a longer term position. Indicate your interest in a full time position by checking the appropriate box on the application form.

3. What exactly would my job entail?

At UK Elite Soccer our primary focus is the education of children. We consistently provide the very best coaching environment, from the very youngest beginners ages 3 and up, to experienced high school age players (ages 14-18).

All coaches are required to spend time working with the youngest of our players on daytime programs. On our other camps and programs we have the flexibility to try to match up our coaches experience levels and abilities with the needs of our players and teams. Again - we appreciate that our staff have varied backgrounds and experience and reflect that in the schedules that are given to them where feasible.

Seasonal Coaching
A typical week might be two or three weekday daytime programs with our youngest players and then coaching two teams or programs back-to-back in an evening session each night of the week. You would see these same groups on a given night of the week throughout the season.
At the weekend you might coach on a large recreation program (individual players / technical) on a Saturday and then get to work with your weeknight teams during games on a Sunday.

The focus changes during the summer due to the fact that the children are out of school! Most of our camps run from Monday to Friday and over the course of a summer you will most likely spend the bulk of your time working day camps and evening team weeks.
Our best performing and most experienced coaches may spend a couple of weeks at our Residential Camps which run from Sunday to Thursday and involve staying as a resident at the camp to coach the players in morning, afternoon and evening sessions (as well as helping to generally supervise the players throughout the week).

4. How will I be paid whilst in the US?

All employees are paid on the 1st and 16th of each month directly into their US bank accounts. If you do not already have a US account, one will be set up for you as part of your initial staff orientation week.

5. Do I get any vacation time?

Seasonal Staff
Over the course of the contract you will be given two paid five day (Monday - Friday) vacation periods. Traditionally the first period is taken during the gap between the spring and summer season in mid-June. The second period is somewhat flexible but will be at our discretion and normally later in the summer.

Summer Staff
Due to the shorter nature of this type of contract there is no vacation period built in. Many coaches however opt to change the date of their return flight to enable them to travel at the end of their contract. This is at their discretion and can be arranged with the airline after arrival in the US.

6. Will I get the opportunity to take any coaching courses/qualifications whilst working for UK Elite Soccer?

In addition to an extensive orientation period with UK Elite which will undoubtedly increase your coaching knowledge we also incorporate official US Soccer Coaching courses into our professional development program
All seasonal staff will receive the chance to take their USSF 'F' License, and then be able to progress onto both the 'E' and 'D' Licenses also. Many of our staff will also opt to take part in their NSCAA National and Advanced National Diplomas whilst on a March-November contract. And for returning staff we also offer the chance to complete a UEFA B license during their second contract with us.
Professional progression is something we take very seriously at UK Elite, and we are constantly looking to educate and improve our coaches at all times.

7. Do I need a driving license to work for UK Elite Soccer?

Applicants with a current, clean driving license who are over the age of 21 possess an advantage over other candidates. Applicants that are under 21 and posses a driving license are still considered non drivers by UK Elite as our auto insurance policy does not cover drivers under the age of 21.

Obviously to fulfill our coaching commitments we need coaches who are able to drive to our sites. However, we are able to accommodate a limited number of non-drivers each year so this should not discourage you from applying.

8. What countries does UK Elite Soccer accept applicants from?

The majority of our coaching staff are residents of either the UK or USA. However we also have a history of staff from across Europe, Australia, and South America. While we are open to hiring coaches from around the globe the more challenging issue is the ability to attend an interview. With advances in online technology, we are now offering Skype introductory interviews, however it is preferable for candidates to interview in either the US or UK. As an applicant from another country you should be prepared to travel to interview at your own expense.

UK Elite may also be prevented in certain circumstances from hiring an overseas candidate subject to visa restrictions as all potential coaches need to attend a US Consulate interview in their country of residence. If relevant, this will be discussed during interview.

9. Can Non-US residents bring a wife or family to the US?

Unfortunately due to visa restrictions it is not feasible for our coaches from overseas to bring family with them while they work for UK Elite Soccer. The type of visas we secure for our seasonal and summer staff do not come with any spousal or family privileges.
In our experience the only contract that works for overseas married applicants is a summer contract whereby it may be possible for a married applicant to travel alone for a shorter (7 or 8 week) period.

10. How can my family contact me whilst working in the US?

Non US residents will have accommodation with a US address that they can give to friends and family. All seasonal houses also have telephones to receive incoming international calls, and internet access for Skype and Facetime. Summer staff can use the UK Elite head office address and our administrative staff will make every effort to forward mail to you at your location.

However by far the best form of communication with your family and with UK Elite staff and management is via email so you need to be sure you have a current email address which you check frequently.

11. Is there opportunity to travel in the US upon completion of my contract?

The opportunity to travel (for non US residents) varies according to the visa that you are granted as follows:

Seasonal Staff (H2B Visa)
Whilst the longer term H2B visa is limited due to the seasonal need of the employer and therefore the contract length of the employee, it is possible to travel whilst working a seasonal contract. Either during the paid vacation weeks mentioned above, or immediately following the completion of your work contract (although this window is typically very small).

Summer Staff (J1 Visa)
A J1 visa is a different type of visa with different restrictions. Typically the visas that are granted to our coaches are valid for work purposes through the summer, but the employee is then allowed to remain in the US to travel for a period of up to 30-60 days.

12. Can I apply to UK Elite Soccer if I have a criminal record?

Obviously as a company that works with children we have to be extremely thorough in our screening of all candidates. All applicants if successful will also be subject to similar scrutiny at the consular level prior to being granted a work visa. All candidates are required to obtain a criminal background check (Subject Access Check) with their local police, prior to their interview at the US Embassy.

If you have any sort of record it will be revealed at some point in the process so honesty is the best policy on your application. We appreciate that 'criminal record' is open to much interpretation from serious offences to minor misdemeanors. Even if you are accepted by UK Elite Soccer we cannot guarantee that you will be approved by US Homeland Security for a visa. The visa approval process is completely beyond the control of UK Elite.

13. Will I get the opportunity to play whilst working in the US?

Typically it is difficult to play due to your coaching commitments. You will be busy at the weekends coaching when most of the adult leagues run. If you do manage to find a team that does not affect your work commitments you must understand that you play at your own risk. If you get injured and are unable to fulfill your coaching commitments that may necessitate the termination of your contract. You also need to be extremely careful to make sure your insurance covers sporting activities (many do not unless you upgrade to a premium policy).